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Mediated Tentative Agreement Reached

ESTA members contributed to moving ESUHSD at the bargaining table. For many years, ESTA has been able to negotiate salary increases with minimal organizing. Despite best efforts by your negotiators, the membership’s role was essential to move ESUHSD from 1.1%. 

ESTA negotiators moved to mediation because the district refused to move their position and their antics were unacceptable to us. When this occurred, we created an organizing plan with the goal of settling a contract that is responsible and reasonable. During this process, we managed to engage a modest number of members and garner public support. This helped us reach a settlement. 

What we know: COLA is projected to be 1.07%

What we won: 3.50% total raise for the ‘24-25 school year which includes 2.25% on-going and 1.25% one time funds. 

Moving forward: ESTA leadership will engage in strategic planning in August to develop a campaign plan for next year that engages all members. ESTA’s ability to move the current district administration is dependent upon on-going organizing. We have made some great initial steps, but have much more work to do. 

What happens now: ESTA members will receive copies of the TAs to review prior to a ratification vote. Thank you to ESTA members who participated in site actions, work to rule, and collecting signatures for the petition. All of your efforts helped get us here! While we will no longer be engaging in these tactics, we will debrief the organizing campaign and use the lessons we have learned to prepare for next year as we head back to the bargaining table to negotiate two more years of salary. 

In Solidarity, 

Brandon Rosato, Chief Negotiator

Jack Hamner, ESTA President/Negotiations Team

Gwendolyn Dixon, Negotiations Team

Hernan Diaz, Negotiations Team

Becky Hopkins, Negotiations Secretary

Chaz Garcia, CTA Staff


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