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ESTA PROUD: East Side Students (and Their Teachers) Win CTA Contest!

Our district participated in the CTA Chavez/Huerta art and writing contest for the first time this school year, and we had 4 winners across our district! Students who won and their teachers received prizes of up to $550.00 each. 

Congratulations to our students and their teachers!

We have 4 district winners!  Congratulations to the following students and their teachers!  


  • Danna Banuelos Garcia (Silver Creek High School) and her teacher, Chrissy Molfino

Art (winning artwork is currently on display at the CTA offices in Burlingame)

  • Alondra Aristides (Andrew Hill High School) and her teacher, Ahrin Lee

  • Jolie G. Pinal (W.C. Overfelt High School) and her teacher, Michael Cross

  • Jazmyne Vidrio (James Lick High School) and her teacher, Dr. Jennifer Leipham


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