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Board President Cortese Shamefully Belittles ESUHSD Educators and Students!!!

The East Side Teachers Association would like to extend deep gratitude to our students. From the moment it became clear that we needed to make the difficult decision to work to rule, our students have expressed appreciation for the extra work that we do to provide support. The initiative that our amazing students took last night at the school board meeting reaffirmed and inspired us. We heard their voices loud and clear!


Unfortunately, the school board was unable to follow in the students' footsteps. Instead, the school board led by Trustee Cortese made a blatant attempt to create a divide between the students and teachers. She proclaimed that the demand from the educators and students in attendance to allow the educators in the room to speak, rather than read written comments from students, was a move to stifle student voices. The irony of her antics was not lost considering that every single student comment, both in person and online, called upon the board to show respect to East Side teachers by settling a fair contract in honor of their work and the contributions they make to student lives. We stand solid in our commitment to fight to keep the teachers that our beloved students value and deserve! 


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