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APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN! - 2021 Ralph Giannini Educational Reimbursement Fund

The 2021 Ralph Giannini Educational Reimbursement Fund is for the Children and Grandchildren of Members. The maximum an applicant can receive per year is currently set at $2,000 and the life maximum is not to exceed $6000. Students who are awarded this must submit proof of payment to their school in order to receive reimbursement from ESTA.

Ralph Giannini served in the ESUHSD for 30 years. He started teaching at Silver Creek High School in 1989. His legacy is in each of the student’s lives that he touched there. He mentored countless students, not only through his history courses but by giving of his time on weekends to supervise dances, football games, and every other type of event there was. He became Coach G once again as he helped out with the Silver Creek basketball team. His room was never empty as he plied students with water, popcorn, and life advice of every type. He was also a mentor to teachers, administrators, and other members of the staff whether it was just stopping by to chat or in his many East Side Teachers Association roles, be it Treasurer or President. He was known by his union colleagues as The Godfather, a moniker he treasured for his Italian heritage and his love of the Godfather films. He was known throughout the Eastside High School District for training school leadership accreditation teams. After his passing in 2019, the ESTA Reimbursement Fund was renamed- after him.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Eckley, committee chair,


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