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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the school year. We hope you had an enjoyable summer.

This is a bargaining year. The past five years have seen an improved working relationship that helped ESTA and the district complete contracts on time. We hope that this year sees the same thing, but given the way that last year ended, we have some doubts leading into the initial discussions.

As we get going, we would like to remind you how last school year ended. Previously posted to the ESTA website are two short articles highlighting some of the details from May and June.

If you have any concerns or questions leading up to bargaining, please reach out to your site leaders. You can find out your site leadership at this link. They will be able to answer most of your questions and, if they can’t, they will bring the questions/concerns to the ESTA Assembly, Executive Committee, and/or Bargaining Team.

Also, as the semester unfolds, keep a lookout for your site leaders, the Bargaining Team, and the Organizing Team, as they will be in contact with our smaller groups to hear their bargaining concerns (if such contact hasn’t already happened).

We will keep you updated as the year progresses.


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