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ESTA Elections Wednesday, May 6th

ESTA elections will be held Wednesday, May 6th. You can expect to receive a vote-by-email message the week of from BigPulse.

Here are the open offices:

You can see the candidate statements by clicking on their names.

ESTA Executive Candidates (only one nomination for each position was submitted):

ESTA Executive Offices:

  • President

  • Jack Hamner

  • Vice President

  • John Daniels

  • Treasurer

  • Brandon Rosato

  • Secretary

  • Ava Chiao

State/National Offices:

  • CTA State Council (Vote for one)

  • Jenny Ludwig

  • Neil Wilson

  • Top vote-getter wins the position; runner up serves as the alternate

  • NEA Representative

  • Rebecca Hopkins

Statements shared are the ones provided by the candidates themselves. ESTA takes a position of neutrality during elections.

From Mark Adams, ESTA Elections Chair

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