Aug 8, 2018

Union Code of Conduct



  • I will not criticize any union colleague except to the individual directly.

  • If any union colleague is being criticized in my presence, I will confront the criticism and ask that it stop.

  • I will not participate in any conversations with management that criticize, or negativity speculate about any union colleague.

  • I will settle my differences with colleagues within the union.

  • I will engage in debate, offer others every opportunity for debate and respect the minority viewpoints, but I will observe and support the majority mandate of the union.

Please adhere to the code of conduct within this forum. Violation of the code of conduct will result in an initial warning. Further violations will result in temporary to permanent ban from the forum.

New Posts
  • estawebmaster
    Oct 5, 2017

    1) Be polite and respectful. Keep the language clean. 2) Be Positive. Venting is often necessary, and we are here to support. but griping and not being responsive to suggestions is lame. Constructive criticism must be accompanied with helpful and positive suggestions. 3) Be Professional. Keep it on topic and about our shared concerns as a union of educators. And I'm going to expand this by saying please be an active member of the community. Seek and share knowledge by posting and contributing! 4) Be Productive. Innovate. Cogitate. Imagine. Dream. Create. Collaborate. Share. Teach! 5) Continuous infractions will lead to the revoking of your forum membership. You can still interact with the ESTA website, but not the forum.